Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Longest Training Run

I had a 32 km run on Sunday, 11 Nov. According to most of the plans I have downloaded, this seems to be the furthest recommended distance. However as I was finishing this run, I really had second thoughts about whether I can do the full 42 km. This was because I already felt like I could not continue any further. I walked a few times after the 20 something mile, cheated a bit by stopping for a drink and took every chance to stop at traffic lights (secretly hoping that the red man would stay a little longer). To continue for another hour, in my mind, would be really pushing the limit. If I felt this bad at 20 miles, can I continue for another 6 miles to finish the marathon?

According to those veterans in the internet, I should be able to. Yes, I did follow an internet training plan to begin with and the longest run was 20 miles (32 km). I, however, did cut out the 5-6 times per week run and made it 3 times per week. According to some, running any further would increase the risk of injury and might be more detrimental than just running a 32k. I guess it is always a balance between injury and training intensity. A running friend, Ben who has ran a few marathons and has been a pacer at the Singapore marathon said that I should finish 30km feeling like I can still do 12km. If that's the case then I will be in a world of hurt come the marathon because I was taking every chance to stop. I will know when the marathon is over, I guess.

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