Thursday, February 26, 2009

Groin pull

Argh, trying to gain weight and running is like trying to go in two different directions at once. I have been trying to eat more and still I am at the same weight as when I started the weight training program.

Moreover, tonight I ran a 7km tempo run (80% exertion) and then went to the gym to do some weights. And...I think I pulled my groin muscle. I hope it heals in a few days as it is only a minor pull. I was lazy to take the big weights off the bar as I was alternating with a huge guy that was doing about 100+ kg squats and umpteen sets. So I left the two 20kg weights on the bar and it was a 5kg jump from my previous workout. Probably too heavy, too soon. Yeah, pride was involved. But I didn't want to be carrying little 1.25kg increments on the squat bar when the guy behind me was adding 20kgs like they were weightless.

Anyway with running, I am doing 20 minutes - 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy on Tuesdays and on Thursday will be a hard 7km tempo run - consistent 70-80% exertion. No long runs on the weekends for this weekend. Even if someone wants to run with me, I will likely only run about 10k. Unless there is a free meal involve. But then with the groin pull, I might not do it even with a free meal.

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