Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kinabalu: Surrender

I know it is pathetic of me to say this but I have already mentally surrendered to not qualifying for the Kinabalu run coming up next week. The reason is because my training the last couple of months have been rather miserable. A 10km here, 25 minutes run on the treadmill or a lunch time run, hardly constitute as methodical training to knock off this race. I trained for the race harder last year and did not meet the timing. This year I tried to train but mainly skipped most of the training due to work, a lack of planning, laziness or some other valid excuses that came up when I had to run. So short of exposing myself to gamma-rays, I think it is quite reasonble for me to think that my results will be similar to last year.

I will treat it as a good holiday as I will be going with couple of friends that I enjoy spending time with. I went alone last year and enjoyed it even though I could not convinced anyone to join me. However, having some good company will be a pleasant change.

The good thing about having a more difficult running goal is that I do not have to think much about what to train for next year. There is always Kinabalu. I believe the allure of the race will be there even if I manage to meet the qualifying time. It is such a beautiful run and the people who show up are usually good runners. Good company plus good run.

P.S. Another benefit of training for this race is that even in my 'cannot make it' state, I am fitter (cardiovascular wise) than most of my friends.

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