Monday, October 6, 2008

First Marathon - my training

December 7, given that I am healthy...I will run my first marathon. It has been 5 weeks since I started the training. Initially I wanted to download some plans off the internet as there should be quite a few. However, it seems that many of them requires you to train more often than I would like to spend on running. Also, I feel that running 3 times should be right for me both for time required and to prevent overusing my legs. As I had trouble finding a plan, I just modified one from an internet plan I found earlier in My plan is to keep the plan's long run goal every week and modify its mid week training program so that it is only twice. One long run and two training runs. I found some article in the web that said it was enough but I cannot remember where the link was. I am a bit unsure whether 3 times is enough as most of the other plans I have seen so far would advise up to 6 times of running per week. I am sticking to my 3 if all goes well. One speed, one hill and a long run at the weekend. The speed and the hill all requires around 30 minutes of running only. I'll let you know if it is enough on December 8. Anyway, I am not planning to win any prizes just plan to challenge myself at something difficult and fun of course.

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