Monday, July 6, 2009

Running Motivation

Getting back to the groove of running is harder than I thought. I have been trying to build my running base for the past 2 months and the result has been pretty miserable. I think I am still the type that needs quite a lot of motivation to run even though I like running. I am getting maybe around 25 km a week but I should be getting about 50km. Too many distractions - weight training a little, skating a little, hiking a all adds up to quite a lot.

Anyway, I bought myself some running equipment - a new pair of running shoes (3 weeks back) and a small backpack. The idea is to run to work twice or three times a week. That would add about 14km to the usual 25km run. If possible, push it up a little gradually. But given my motivation lately, it might not happen until KK dawns on me. Fortunately, there are some short races coming up to keep me on track.

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