Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why I run?

Although I have been finding it hard to get into the groove of running, I still think that I will be running for as long as I physically can. There might be other short term sports that interest me but running will still be a constant. That's my hope. I have been thinking about why I run. Or why I want to run. Here are some reasons I came up with on one of the bus trips.


Whenever some friends who seldom exercises, read an article about how a young and seemingly healthy individual dies at a sporting event like a marathon or something similar, they might point it out to me as an excuse for why they don't exercise. Whenever they do that, I feel obligated to tell them I don't run so that I can live longer. That has never been the primary reason why I run. So what is the primary reason for my running? I find that a little difficult to answer because the answer is a composite of many reasons.

I run because I like running. I run because it enables me to go to last minute hiking trips whenever an opportunity arises. I run because I like traveling and remaining mobile even when I retire. I run because I enjoy the company of other runners. I run because it makes me feel fitter. I run because I like the idea of going different places to participate in a race.

Having said that, I think marathon distance races and longer will only be for the next few years. Optimally, I would like to keep to the fitness level of being able to do a 21km run with little or no notice. Kinabalu (my favourite race around this region) fortunately still fits into that category.

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Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Great post on why you run!